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COURSE CALENDAR 2021 : Virtual  via Zoom Platform

Boating ABC 








Seamanship ( S )


Sail ( SA ) 


Advance Piloting ( AP )

Junior Navigator ( JN )

Navigator ( N )

Engine Maintenance ( EM )


Marine Comunications ( MCS )

Hurricane Preparedness

VHF with Digital Sel. Calling 


Weather ( WX )

Piloting ( P )


Bends Hitches & Knots

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How to Register 

Registration in advance is strongly recommended. Please use the above link Form SJ-101. If you have no access to the internet, you may call 787-344-7577 to request this form by fax or we will gladly guide you on a more personalized way. 

Note : Advanced registrations are processed with payment (recommended). Registering the first day of class in person 
           is accepted subject to space availability. Photo ID will be required at registration and day of proctored 

Cash Payments 

Should not be sent vía regular mail, but strongly advised for on-site registration to speed processings on the first day of class (subject to space  availability).

Cancellation Policy

For any cancellation of enrollment 10 or more calendar days prior to the first day of the class, the tuition will not be refunded, but will be applied toward the next boating class.For any cancellations of enrollment within 9 calendar days prior to the first day of the class  or thereafter, the entire tuition will be forfeited.